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FOREVER 20 Treatment

“Since when I become so rely on makeup, feeling unconfident with bare skin while hanging out with friends…” If this phrase appeared in your mind before, then you shall try out our FOREVER 20 therapy, a perfect solution that can fix your daily makeup problems.

FOREVER 20 treatment includes:
🌟 LED Magic Mask
💄 Semi Permanent Dermedics MTS
💧 Korea RF Aqua Vital Treatment


V Shape LED MAGIC MASK Treatment

A painless, non-ivasive, quick and no downtime treatment, see immediate effects right after the treatment!

🌟 LED Magic Mask 🌟 
✔️ 5 times increase of collagen
✔️ Detoxification of facial impurities
✔️ Uplift and firm the skin
✔️ Remove pigmentation
✔️ Moisturize
✔️ Anti-aging

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beauty salon korea

Oxygen Spa Face Therapy

The Oxygen Spa Face Therapy 💎 will assure that you have satisfactory results!

2 treatments, twitch the benefits:
✔️ Hydrates your skin
✔️ Shrinks your pores
✔️ Firms and tightens your skin


Omega Light Treatment

💡Omega Light Treatment produces new collagen which pushes the folds of the wrinkles out and new elastin which helps to tighten the skin and give it more elasticity! No downtime and a pain-free approach to skin care!

💡Omega Light Treatment💡 Effects include:
🌿 Skin rejuvenation
🌿 Suppression of sebaceous glands
🌿 Reduction of pigmentation
🌿 Acne treatment

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GUASHA Detoxification Therapy

It is well-known to everyone that Gua Sha is a traditional chinese method that benefits health. In our daily lives, many people will use Gua Sha to remove negative energy, reduce coldness in the body and to improve and strengthen the immune system. Such a great fusion into facials will let you glow in no time!

💫Gua Sha Facial benefits:
 Achieve V-shaped face 
 Promotes blood circulation and increase metabolism
 Facilitate lymphatic drainage from facial and neck areas
 Diminish age spots and discoloration
 Create youthful facial and neck contours


Korea RF Aqua Vital Treatment

💧Korea RF Aqua Vital Treatment Greatness includes:
🌠 Dissolve impurities and other causes of skin problems
🌠 Supplies nourishing properties to skin
🌠 Reduce pore size and promotes a healthier skin

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